Gross Reservoir Expansion Project

The Gross Reservoir Expansion Project is in the process of growing our contractor team. If your company is interested in joining the team, please complete the form below. The information gathered here will be provided to the qualified CMGC contractors in early 2019. 

Latest News / Blog

New technologies under review

The trees removed from the expanded reservoir may have a new life as “biochar,” improving soil for plants. Denver Water TAP - Expanding a reservoir has a lot of challenges, among them dealing with the trees and bushes that must be removed. Leaving this biomass in...

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Successful 2018 yurt season

With the sun drifting ever lower in the sky and the brilliant colors of fall a pleasant memory, the 2018 season for the Gross Reservoir Expansion’s Public Information Yurt has come to a successful finish. It was a great year marked by constructive two-way...

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A statement by the CEO/Manager

In response to a letter received from Boulder County's Land Use Department, Denver Water CEO/Manager Jim Lochhead released the following statement: "Denver Water has taken the position with Boulder County that the project is exempt from 1041 permitting since Gross dam...

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Fish Consumption Advisory

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, along with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, monitor fish mercury levels in Colorado waters. CDPHE and CPW have collected fish tissue samples at Gross Reservoir since 2007.  In 2015, the levels of mercury in lake...

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Surveyors in the field

You may have noticed surveyors taking readings on Gross Dam Road from the intersection of Highway 72 to the right abutment of Gross Dam. This work – scheduled to be completed by the end of this month – is part of our ongoing efforts to improve safety for all who drive...

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